SEAL 2020 - Application

Application for SEAL 2020

Northern Bali, Indonesia, July 19-Aug 3*

PIVOTING!  Due to covid19 concerns, we are moving our incredible SEAL in northern Bali to 2021.  We are still determining what summer 2021 looks like in our pivot and will keep you all informed!  Stay tuned, and stay well.  #youthriseup now more than ever.  Stay connected in all the ways you possibly can.  

Who is a good fit for SEAL?  

SEAL is best for youth: 

(1)  Ages 12-18; 

(2)  Who have an interest in ocean and waterway protection and climate action; 

(3)  Who are non-judgmental of others, tolerant of different ways and beliefs, and willing to connect with youth from around the world in purpose; 

(4) Who are leaders in spirit; 

(5)  Who conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Participants must follow all program agreement and guidelines.

(6)  Who can comfortably be away from home for an intensive with youth from around the world for 2 weeks in a foreign location; 

(7) Who are willing to take on the challenges of becoming a youth leader in ocean and water conservation efforts and in climate action through skill-building and connecting with a global youth network; and 

(8)  If you are applying as a returning Heir to SEAL, then you have been active in your community in ocean or water protection in the last year. 

How much does it cost? 

Cost for the 2-week camp, including front end arrival period and back end return period, is $2200 all-inclusive except travel to/from Indonesia. 

Need-Based Scholarships: 

H2OO believes that to turn the next generation around from the precipice upon which they all stand with regard to their oceans, waters and the climate crisis, indigenous and underserved youth must be supported in rising up and connecting globally regarding. As such, H2OO provides scholarships to indigenous and underserved youth to attend SEAL.   

Youth Participant


Are you in need of a need-based scholarship? We will soon distribute need-based scholarship application forms.