Camilla’s Log, August 30

November 14, 2016 Brad Peebler

Camilla’s Log, August 30

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

I’m Camilla. Hi, journal. I’m awkward.

I should probably tell you why I’m writing. I suppose that’s why I’m writing this.


I’m writing this ’cause I’m part of some kids making a film. Or documentary. Movie. Whatever. It’s about ocean conservation. We’re all doing different topics. Mine is tuna. Which, I know, sounds really boring–”it’s just some little salty fish–” but really, tuna are super cool.

I really like tuna.

Wait. Hang on. I just realized that I’m talking to an entirely new person. Well, book. Journal. Thing.

Also, I write a lot. Not journals, though. This is a new experience for me.

It’s the second day of school for me. This is one of my assignments. I also have math, English–this is my English, though?–French, science, and other stuff. Japanese, eventually.

My parents like languages. So do I, come to think of it, but I don’t know.

I need to say more about the project. Well, we started in May. There are a lot of kids. Eighteen, or something like that–all between nine and thirteen, plus siblings. I don’t know everyone’s name yet. I’m not great with names.

Maybe I should name you, journal. Then you’ll be more like a person.

Let’s see. J names.

Jessica, Jamie, Julia, Jasmine, Josephine, Jessie…

I like Jasmine. Jasmine J. Journal.

Or I could call you J. J., if I wanted.

Anyway, Jasmine, we’re working on the teaser. I won’t be in much of it. I was always out of town at the exact wrong time. Lucky me.

It’ll still be cool to be in a movie.

It’s time for math, Journal. See you later.

— Camilla Kennedy