Camilla’s Log, September 27th

November 14, 2016 Brad Peebler

Camilla’s Log, September 27th

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016

Hey, Jasmine-Journal! Long time no see. I’ve been busy–as usual. I went to a public speaking workshop for the documentary this Saturday. It was pretty cool.

There were a bunch of other public speaking things before–three, I think–but those were different people. This time, it was the dad of one of my friends in the documentary.

It was a lot more informal, which was weird, since this one was specifically for making pitches to corporations for funding.

Fun, right?

It started off with the instructor intentionally messing it up, except he didn’t tell us. First he forgot his notes.

Then he couldn’t get his display to work.

Then it had all these distracting graphics.

And he read it all directly off the screen.

And at the end, he had to go to the bathroom midway through.

At that point, I started catching on, though it took me long enough.

Then he started talking about that’s all the stuff you’re not supposed to do, before launching into the real presentation, which went pretty smoothly. After that, we headed outside to give out “about me” presentations.

Man, did I mess up.

Yes, Jasmine. I, Camilla Kennedy, messed up.

Not much of a surprise, honestly.

I barely rehearsed.

But I think I’m going to do better next time.

See you next week!

–Camilla Kennedy