Camilla’s Log, September 6

November 14, 2016 Brad Peebler

Camilla’s Log, September 6

Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Hi! It’s me again–Camilla. How’re you, Jasmine Journal?

Me? Fine. I’m all right. Good. Yeah. I did a lot of work yesterday. Or it felt like it, at least. I sent out a e-mails to contact experts on my favorite fish–Pacific Bluefin Tuna.

Yay! Tuna! I love tuna!

Which, I realize, might sound a little weird. But it’s true! I just find tuna really cool. And cute.

Although, really, out of all the animals to be fascinated with, tuna are on the less practical side.

You can’t have a pet tuna.

(It’s hard to keep a fish that can grow to over eight feet long (1) and crosses the Pacific ocean (2) in a tank in your bedroom.)

You can’t even go to the local zoo and see tuna.

(Although the semi-local Monterey Bay Aquarium has some.)

And then there’s the whole endangered-but-not-technically thing.

Because the authorities have yet to admit that they’re in really, really big trouble.

To be precise, the current population is down to 2.6% of normal (3).

But still, I really like Pacific Bluefin Tuna. And hey–saving the ocean and its creatures is why we’re making this anyway, right?

And they’re working on making tuna endangered, so that’s really good.


See you next week.

–Camilla Kennedy



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