Trash to Food – Chow Mein

November 14, 2016 Brad Peebler

Trash to Food – Chow Mein

Chow mein, chicken on rice noodles, eggplant and beer:

Chow mein may contain traces of: Rope, foam and cigarette butts.

Chicken on rice noodles may contain traces of: Foam and rope.

Eggplant may contain traces of: Foam, chalk and leaves may not be real.

My dad and I have been playing with some of the trash we picked up at Tunitas Creek Beach. We decided rope looked a lot like chow mein, so why not! We went ahead and started pulling apart a rope, soon it started to look like chow mein. Well, I won’t eat it, but…you know what I mean. We thought “trash to food” is a good way to convey that – you wouldn’t eat it, but we are feeding it to marine life. You can tell it’s not chow mein, but the fish can’t tell, for all they know it’s food.

So, see the picture above for tonight’s takeout! (You might not take a bite of dinner, but fish will.)