Easter and Alternatives to the Holiday of Plastic

April 13, 2017 Brad Peebler

Easter and Alternatives to the Holiday of Plastic


Easter and Alternatives to the Holiday of Plastic 

by Heir Chloe McKenna

Orange County, CA




Easter is a holiday where most kids enjoy hunting down plastic colored eggs. In 2015, US News released that “Americans are expected to shell out a combined $16.4 billion on multicolored plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow Peeps and other holiday staples, up from $15.9 billion in 2014.”[1]

The plastic ultimately finds its way to our oceans as it doesn’t decompose.

To help reduce the amount of plastics getting into our oceans, consider these alternatives to a plastic egg hunt.  There are other egg-tastic and crafty ways to celebrate:

  1. Felt Easter eggs. Simple and easy to make!
  2. Naturally-dyed eggs.  A fun activity for young children. Some natural dyes include: turmeric (yellow), paprika (orange), blueberry (blue), grape juice (purple), coffee (brown), and beets (pink).
  3. Knitted Easter eggs. This tutorial suggests putting a polysterene egg inside, but a wooden egg or real egg will work just the same and cause less damage.
  4. Egg pockets. These pockets are great and easy to fill with candy, money, and other treats and goodies!
  5. Ditch the eggs! Instead hunt down candy (buy in bulk or non-plastic packaging brands), snacks, money, colored pencils, and more!


[1] Soergel, Andrew. “5 Numbers to Know for Easter.US News. April 3, 2015.