April 28, 2019 Brad Peebler


See the raging ocean,

Hear the crashing waves,

Smell the salty air,

Taste the icy spray.

Feel the warm sun on your skin

Washing worries away.

But what we really don’t sense

Are the layers of decay.

Because underneath the surface

Is actually quite different.

The ocean will surely die

If no one cares to fix it.

The world rests on top of a pillar

That represents the ocean.

Everyday we chip away

Without a single notion.

Eventually the pillar will fall

Causing thundering commotion.

Unless we reinforce it,

With selfless devotion.

Our world would be one without an ocean.

But then a spark,

A solution!

It may be small

But it will cause a revolution.

For where there is hope there will follow

A will to cope

With the crisis and decay;

From optimism we’ll never stray.

While others will treat the ocean like it’s theirs,

We’re going to save it,

Cause we’re the Heirs.