April 28, 2019 Brad Peebler


We have a problem, a task at hand.

Our generation has taken a stand.

This generation will make it commonplace

That we will not accept the tyranny that has taken place.

We are fighting for the people with no voice.

There is no choice; at the end we will rejoice.

Over the spreading of our creative notion,

And the conquered enemies of the ocean;

Such as Climate Change, a Plastic Sea,

The fight for animals, to be free.

I wouldn’t want to be entrapped in a tank.

What makes us think we outrank

Every animal, that is so diverse,

We are in our own separate universe.

Other issues, such as drilling oil,

We need to stop the turmoil.

Of all the people and animals down on their luck.

Anthropogenic noise making animals thunderstruck.

Also fighting ocean acidification.

We are creating positive changes for all nations.

End the malicious crime of shark finning,

But to win at the end, there must be a beginning.

Fighting for the next and the next generation,

Passing ocean-friendly legislation.

Fighting for coral: ending bleaching;

Ending the tragic cases of beaching.

Stopping all the derelict fishing gear.

There is no time to wait, this is our year.

Partners with Mission Blue, Hope Spots,

Changing the world, taking a shot,

Stirring the pot.

Partners with the institute of Marine Conservation,

When we win this battle there will be a celebration.

When all of humanity has a Blue Mind,

We’ll take care of each other

Not leave anyone behind.

Don’t worry ocean you have our devotion,

Because we are Heirs to Our Oceans.