April 28, 2019 Brad Peebler


The water is the only thing I can hear;

Blue waves crashing on warm sand.

The waves speak in a wistful murmur

In which only the creatures of the sea find meaning.

My hands are cold in the water,

But I am happy to know the sea is my home.

The wind welcomes the waves.

I run alongside the wind.

We play with the sea foam,

Swirling it into the air,

Racing with it down the beach,

Playing hide and go seek

Until the bubbles break down, too small for us to find.

I run alongside the wind,

my hands being kissed by the breeze.

The waves race up, welcoming me

As they taste the new sand

And crash on new rocks,

Before quickly retreating in search of a new adventure.

My hands wave goodbye to a friend that left too quickly,

Yet the memory will always be left with me.

The ocean has seen everything,

Sneaky octopuses,

Tall kelp,

Little fish,

And kind hands,

Hands that are helping the sea heal from mistakes we have made.

Let the ocean see, love, and thank your hands.