Olilai, 18, Palau, Heir since 2017

August 21, 2019 Brad Peebler

Olilai, 18, Palau, Heir since 2017

“After I graduated I moved on from the H2OO chapter at my school and was preparing myself as an individual Heir to take part in SEAL 2019 this year in Pescadero, California. What I had learned through my time in my chapter at school increased about 10x through the Summit! I swear, this camp was breathtaking because it focused on many components of learning about how to be empathic leaders, to performing in front of an audience, and to really delving in and appreciating native land and our own cultures and identity, and we did fun small things such as make sea glass jewelry.  It touched so many aspects of learning how to be young leaders taking the issues we face seriously yet not losing our sense of youthfulness. During this experience each of us Heirs who took part were knitted together as a family through our love for our mother ocean. When SEAL ended I felt so empowered as a youth to become a role model, a teacher, a supporter, a leader and even an intern. I will leave SEAL and continue with H2OO as their intern working with youth in Palau and worldwide.”  



Olilai, 18 years, Palau, Heir since 2017