Dr. Gretta Pecl

November 21, 2020 Brad Peebler

Dr. Gretta Pecl


Dr. Gretta Pecl is Director of the Centre for Marine Socioecology and Professor of Climate Change Ecology at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. Her research focuses on detecting and understanding the variation in rate and magnitude of climate-driven species redistribution. Dr. Pecl developed and leads the citizen science project Redmap Australia, the Range Extension Database and mapping project (, which invites fishers and divers around the coastline to help monitor changes in species distributions in Australian seas. Dr. Pecl is the instigator and co-convenor of the ‘Species on the Move’ conference series (, and she is working with international colleagues on a global network of marine hotspots to facilitate learning and communication among the world’s most rapidly warming ocean regions. Dr.Pecl is a Fulbright Fellow, an Australian Research Council ‘Future Fellow’, the Associate Editor for Review is Fish Biology & Fisheries, Ecography, and Citizen Science: Theory and Practice, as well as a Lead Author for the IPCC.