Julia, West Papua Indonesia

April 8, 2022 Brad Peebler

Julia, West Papua Indonesia

“My name is  Julia and  I  live in the beautiful part of the heart of  Coral Triangle, Papua. As a youth that has spent a long time at sea and in coastal communities, I’ve witnessed the changes occurring in the ocean. Pollution and habitat degradation has increased massively over the past few decades. The changes that occur create various problems in ecosystems,  habitats,  marine life,  and even coastal communities.  Seeing the devastating reality in front of me has created thousands of feelings to take care of what we have before it’s too late.

The empathy and sympathy inside of me have encouraged me to take the next step to take part in marine conservation. This is manifested in the formation of a youth-based community active in working towards ocean conservation “OurConservaSea” which was formed by me and several other youths in  Manokwari  Regency.  Since  2020,  we have carried out various programs implemented under the pillar of educational activities, outreach,  and empowerment programs,  also collective action with local communities to participate in marine conservation efforts. 

However,  a  high desire will not be enough to make an optimal contribution. Through the  SEAL  program,  I believe  I  can learn many new skills and knowledge needed to solve problems in my area. Together with other amazing youths around the globe,  I  hope to be able to  participate in this Scholarship program so that this valuable experience can support real action and my contribution to the ocean and coastal community in the Papua region.”