Latifah, Uganda

April 8, 2022 H2OO H2OO

Latifah, Uganda

“My name is Latifah and I am a young advocate for smart climate agriculture both in my school and back home in my community in Uganda.

I strongly believe being part of SEAL will widen my network as well as help to scale up the work am currently involved in. I founded a Climate Smart Urban Farming project in my community as a solution to food insecurity, child marriages, and economic instability I faced in Uganda. I believe attending SEAL SoS 2022 will provide the opportunity to connect with the land, water sources, and youth from different parts of the world. It will also be a platform where I can share my knowledge of Climate Smart Urban Farming with others to empower them to grow their food in ways that are good for the planet. I believe that SEAL will provide a better understanding of ways to address the problems affecting my community and a platform for us youth to solve the global climate crisis together.”