Yashmi, India

April 8, 2022 H2OO H2OO

Yashmi, India

“Attending the various virtual summits organized by Heirs To Our Oceans alone has impacted my love, interest commitment to ocean advocacy. I believe by attending SEAL 2022 will not only enhance my knowledge and skills but will also help me understand the ocean, the divine earth, and its beings.

I believe that being a native of Southern India I will be able to offer a distinct cultural viewpoint to share with others as well. Through this journey, I will be able to gain so much knowledge about the things I love and will be able to learn and listen to the stories of the other committed SEAL 2022 participants coming together from all around the world. 

SEAL 2022 will act as a catalyst for me to form strong bonds with my fellow participants and nature. I would like to learn more about how to incorporate sustainable practices without sacrificing cultural values very much.”