Want to join us in urging lawmakers
to commit to working toward
a healthier and safer future for our generation?

Prepare with us at

H2OO Policy Advocacy 3-Day Intensive

March 19-21 (the Americas/Caribbean/Am Samoa/Hawai’i)

March 20-22 (Guam/CNMI)

Critical thinking opportunities in workshops that focus on

Ocean Climate Action Plan (OCAP)

US House of Representatives Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

Re-authorization efforts of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

Dive in for policy advocacy skill-building training with expert policy advocates and
practice your skills with mock congresspersons on day three!

What are we preparing for you ask?

Speaking to US Congresspersons about our needs for our future!

Who can join?

If you are a youth age 13-25* years in the US or a “Territory” or otherwise occupied land, we highly urge you to participate and be the voice for your generation and your community.

* If you are age 9-12 years and are interested, please ask a non-related teacher or mentor to recommend you to attend emailing us at

What are we preparing for?

Speaking to US lawmakers at upcoming virtual “Hill Days” April 14th and in June the week of World Ocean Day.

Need a letter to be excused from class or work to participate all three days?

Just let us know!

When will we meet?

To accommodate different time zones we are holding the Retreat 2x each day grouping participants into two time zone groupings — Group Hammerhead & Group Mako. 

Group Hammerhead @ 9:00am-12:30pm US PST 

Group Mako @ 3:00-6:30pm US PST

Determine your meeting session time for your time zone! Click here to convert to your time from US PST (for a city you can use San Francisco located in California, USA).

What will we do in those 3 days? A lot!

Day 2: Day 1: Hear from lawmakers, learn how a plan becomes a law in the US Federal system, learn from strategy experts and hear youth experiences in policy advocacy and discover the bills and plans on the table.

Day 2: Plan your pitch!

Day 2: Mock sessions with experts – Practice speaking to a Congressperson!

Heirs To Our Oceans Is Inspiring The Next Generation of

Empathetic and Environmental Leaders.