H2OO Water Hootenanny for Change!

When: Saturday, May 4, 2019, 4:00–8:00 p.m.

Where: 174 Lakeview Way, Redwood City, CA 94062

Why:  It’s time for a paradigm shift, and Heirs to Our Oceans (H2OO) is leading the way. We’re changing things up for the better, however we can, and we need your support.  So it’s time to celebrate our Heirs’ achievements in a whole new way, H2OO style!

·       Learn What We’ve Been Doing. Meet talented, unstoppable Heirs from the H2OO Leadership Team as well as the Pescadero and Orange County chapters!

·       Celebrate Our Victories and Our Beautiful Blue Planet.  Celebrate with us the amazing accomplishments of the Heirs by enjoying delicious nourishing food, fresh-ingredient mocktails and cocktails, a splash in the pool, dancing, an enticing and unique auction. We also have a few surprises for you.

·       Support Scholarships for SEAL 2019 and more.  This fundraiser will support our H2OO 2019 SEAL (Summit for Empowerment Action & Leadership) program including scholarships for youth who need assistance in their quest to become world-changing ocean advocates.

If we meet our goal some ever-committed and supportive fathers of Heirs — such as Brad Peebler, Jim Clark, Trevor Bartlett — will entertain you with an unforgettable synchronized swimming performance in a MerDads Spectacular! Glam photo ops included.  Don’t miss this chance to support Heirs and enjoy the entertainment event of the season!

H2OO doesn’t do business as usual, because we can’t. So come prepared for a whole new Water Hootenanny experience and a whole new approach in working toward a healthy planet.

Join us May 4, 4:00–9:00 p.m., and support Heirs to Our Oceans.

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What Is Heirs To Our Oceans?

Heirs to Our Oceans is an empowerment learning program under 501c3 and CA non-profit, via senti.  Our vision is to save our oceans, waterways and humanity through inspiring the next generation of environmental and social justice leaders.  H2OO started in May 2016 with a small group of passionate kids and supporting adults. Since then, the movement has inspired a diverse group of youth worldwide to protect our waters.

H2OO is driven by three important pillars:  

(1) We live on a water planet, and all water is connected — from our oceans to the water we drink;

(2) To create a world-wide paradigm shift, underserved and indigenous youth globally must be supported with quality education and empowerment opportunities; and

(3) Human health and the health of our natural environment are connected — when one suffers, both suffer.

The H2OO program is now a proven success. An ocean- and water-protecting family has emerged among youth around the Pacific from seven different nations and territories and a variety of different demographics. To support underserved and indigenous youth, H2OO provides full scholarships for opportunities including attending H2OO’s annual SEAL (Summit for Empowerment Action & Leadership) and presenting at international events.  By supporting these youth, you can be a part of a long-lasting solution to our blue planet’s water crisis and the human alienation threatening humanity’s future.

Join us in changing the world by helping the next generation become active and engaged now. Heirs to Our Oceans ARE passionate and effective world changers no matter their age. Their track record speaks for itself:

• Heirs have testified before regulatory groups and state assemblies regarding the importance of sustainable fishing practices and protected habitat:

• Heirs have won recognition for their films about human impacts on our oceans and waterways:

• Heirs have affected small-scale changes like moving their schools away from single-use plastics, and large-scale changes like influencing the ban of plastic bags, straws, and plastic foodware.

Your tax-deductible contribution to Heirs to Our Oceans will directly support our 2019 SEAL program. SEAL is a deep-dive leadership experience for youth aged 11-17 from around the world. These young people come together to teach and learn about the challenges of the oceans and waterways their generation will inherit and collaborate on solutions. The youth leaders of SEAL take their new skills and understanding back to their communities where they work toward lasting change. Past SEAL participants have already made amazing strides toward reducing plastic pollution, protecting ocean habitats and marine life, and encouraging conservation in their communities. 

Your donations will provide full scholarships to youth in underserved and marginalized communities and indigenous communities, including travel, to attend the summer 2019 international SEAL.

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