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There is no Earth without rebirth.

rebirth = rebEARTH

On April 22, 2020, Earth Day will be celebrated for the 50th time since the first Earth Day in 1970.

Yet today we stand in a hazmat suit, or are socially distanced, or are quarantined.

We have had 50 “Earth Days” in 18,250 days. That’s recognizing Mother Earth should be cared for one quarter of one percent of the year.

It’s time to do things differently.

Let’s celebrate this year’s Earth Day with a rebirth day. A rebEARTHday.

Follow our campaign through April 22nd — celebrate Earth’s Rebirth!

#EarthDay is 4 weeks away. Follow us & share the call for a #rebEARTHday.

For the next 4 weeks leading up to the 50th anniversary of #EarthDay, let’s re-imagine how we celebrate our planet.
Respond to the call of our planet’s youth.
There is no Earth without Rebirth.




We are Heirs To Our Oceans, and we have a job to do.

We are educating ourselves and others, buoying hope, floating solutions, and creating waves of change that will ensure the health of our blue planet.

We are the next generation of fearless and compassionate youth leaders who will ensure a healthy natural environment for everyone.

We are unstoppable, because we have to be.

Together we spread awareness, accountability, and action among youth and adults worldwide.

Together, we protect the waters of our blue planet—our rivers, lakes, streams, groundwater, drinking water, and oceans—because all water on Earth is connected, and all youth should be learning about it and how to protect it.

We have started a global movement to save our oceans and waterways—for ourselves and for future generations.

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