Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit 2020 serves as the youth component of the 7th Our Ocean Conference which will be held December 6-8 in the beautiful Republic of Palau. #OOYLS2020 will be organized and facilitated by Heirs To Our Oceans and, for the first time in the history of the Summit, islander and indigenous youth of coastal communities will make up the majority of the Summit and be supported to attend as they are on the front lines of the climate and ocean crises.  A wholistic lens will apply to the program fostering awareness that the whole person is seen as interconnected with the ocean and with each other. Respect, reciprocity and symbiosis will be at the heart with activities to create a collective unique shared learning experience in the extraordinary waters of Palau with Palauans amidst their rich culture.

At #OOYLS2020, youth will connect to process a more equitable and sustainable future identifying ways to (1) preserve marine resources for future generations, (2) increase resilience to the climate crisis, (3) develop a blue economy through innovative technology and traditional ways, and (4) empower the most vulnerable communities in achieving eco-justice. They will be provided a space to share with one another and develop as environmental leaders for their communities.

The Summit will celebrate diversity and encourage youth to join hands and in heart to co-create a world that protects our earth’s waters and nurtures the humanity that shares it. We can transcend our borders to connect with each other and reconnect with the natural world of which all are each a part.  The ocean, it doesn’t divide us, it unites us in its beauty and gifts and in purpose of protecting it and taking on its challenges.  We need the ocean as much as, or more than, it needs us.  Let’s do this, together!

Theme for #OOYLS2020:

Indigenous Traditional Ways and Innovative Technology for a Blue Economy: Solutions to the Crises of Our Blue Planet.


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