WHAT WE DO: Youth Advisory Councils

The 2nd Cohort members are now actively engaged in the US YAC for UNOD! Registration is closed. Follow what they are up to on Instagram @USYACUNOD!


Is joining the US YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL for UN OCEAN DECADE (US YAC for UNOD) right for you?

US YAC for UNOD’s mission is to collaborate as a diverse group of youth of the US, territories, and occupied lands to further the UN Ocean Decade goals in a way that best serves the members in each of their communities with a commitment to inclusion, action including outreach and engagement mobilizing other youth, skill building, becoming more educated on the Decade, ocean, water and climate issues and intersectionality, and raising awareness educating others.


– Is aware of how the degradation of our natural environment affects all living beings?

– Understands the importance of collaborative team work putting empathetic leadership into practice and strives for inclusion of all voices at the table?

– Is actively working toward a better future for your community and your generation?

– Is between the ages of 16-23? (Youth leaders ages 15 may apply with an additional recommendation.)

– Is from the US, Hawai’i, Guåhan/Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Kwajalein Marshall Islands, American Samoa?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then you may be a valuable contributor to the US Youth Advisory Council for the UN Ocean Decade (US YAC for UNOD) and its mission!


-Demonstrating power-with leadership, not power-over;

-Applying a collaborative, creative-thinking approach and proactive action to furthering the goals of the YAC at-large;

Engaging and mobilizing youth to advocate for their future and learn about and get involved in the Ocean Decade;

Being a representative of youth in your community and in the US, territories and occupied lands;

Expanding your education in ocean, water, climate and intersectionality and furthering your skills in public speaking and presenting, storytelling, strategic planning and organizing, campaigning and outreach, policy advocacy, and empathetic leadership;

Contributing toward actively shaping the US National Committee’s priorities for community-centered UN Ocean Decade work to further the needs of the next generation in the most vulnerable areas;

Expanding the reach and impact of the UN Ocean Decade ensuring that priorities and actions pushed forth are aligned with the diverse values of communities around the US, territories and occupied lands;

-Engaging with the YAC 8-12 hours/month for the cohort term participating in meetings, skill-building workshops and event participation;

-Being able to engage fully for the 2nd Cohort term 10/21 through World Ocean Day 6/22; and

-Furthering your personal and professional development in problem solving, reliability, clear and timely communication, active listening, and conflict resolution and recovery.

If the above is not something you can commit to, then please refrain from applying to this cohort. There are future cohorts if and when you’re ready 🙂