WHAT WE DO: Youth Advisory Councils

Ocean Decade launches January 13-14!

We are organizing now to join hands with the US National Committee and leap into the Ocean Decade with a splash! 


If you are between the ages of 14-25* and live in any of the 50 US States or in any of the US Territories or “CommonWealth” and would like to join the YAC of the US National Committee for the UN Ocean Decade, please prepare this application.  

* Youth we define as ages up to 25, as the brain is fully formed by 25 years of age.  There are many platforms for adults 25 and older to share their stories, thoughts, concerns, ideas, solutions.  Youth under 25, especially under 18, are especially left out of discussions that they are capable of participating in and, more so, on topics in which they have the most at stake.


Email us with questions at and put into the subject line: US YAC for the UN Ocean Decade


Join an informative webinar on October 27, 2020, at 4pm PST/7pm EST where the UN Ocean Decade will be explained specifically for the US YAC for the Ocean Decade. 

Upon submitting your application you’ll receive information to attend the webinar.  

This will be your first step and essential step in your journey as a youth advisor to the US National Committee on the Ocean Decade.


The YAC will be involved in meetings and discussions of the US National Committee and play a meaningful internal role in planning and strategy, document review and finalization where the goal is to advise or suggest policy, and be involved in communications where appropriate related to US ocean community efforts for the Decade.

The establishment of a Youth Advisory Council for governing and policy-oriented bodies is imperative as (1) youth today are the greatest stakeholders in facing the challenges involving our Blue Planet’s natural environment; and (2) the crises humans face at present, both caused by and exacerbated by the climate crises, have resulted in an existential crisis for youth around the world.  Water, air, food, and a climate that maintains a habitable planet — all that humans require — are under threat.  Youth today must have a voice at the table where discussions of these topics, including policy affecting management or exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources vital to life, are discussed.

From 2021-2030, the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development will focus on scientific initiatives, ocean literacy campaigns, marine technology innovations, and sustainable development projects across the globe to transform “the ocean we have” into “the ocean we want” intending to realize the future that Gen Z and millenials, and beyond, must have for their health, safety and well-being. The US National Committee for the Decade will serve as the voice of the U.S. ocean com­munity as international discussions occur regarding uses and protections of our world’s oceans during the Ocean Decade.

To ensure the inclusion of future generations, the US National Committee will include, from the outset of the Decade, liaisons to the Decade’s Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs defined as less than ten years into their career) as well as a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) made up of youth ages 14-25.  Why? Because the youth of today will inherit the actions taken – or not taken – over the course of this Decade, and the fourteen year olds today will be professionals into their careers — the next generation of decision makers — by the end of the Decade.  The inclusion of “Gen Z” youth from the outset of the Decade is a recognition by the U.S. National Committee that this generation in particular has an undeniable huge stake in the future health of the world’s ocean.