Who We Are:
This is what we want to see in the world and how we are working to make that dream a reality.

All youth understand the world they are inheriting and are capable of creating a healthier, safer world for themselves and future generations.

Inspire the next generation of leaders by connecting them in purpose, educating them on the environmental and humanitarian crises they are inheriting and cultivating the necessary skills to make real-world change. We support Heirs in realizing solutions to today’s global challenges.

Real-world, action-based education for ALL youth
Heirs To Our Oceans strives to educate all youth, and adults alike, about how our actions affect our oceans and waterways.
We show the connections between human health and the health of our natural environment. For example, we connect the dots by explaining that plastic is made from petroleum, so plastics not only cause plastic pollution but also contribute to climate change.
We believe all youth—not just a small, privileged percentage—should have the opportunity to learn about our planet’s natural environment, in our natural environment, and to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills.
Water literacy should be a right starting with elementary school and continuing in the curriculum of every middle school and high school.

Develop a generation of empathetic leaders
We take leadership development seriously.The world we will inherit needs leaders who value more than status and profit.
In developing empathetic leadership skills, we hold workshops in how to build healthy relationships, interpersonal skill development, and nonviolent communication.

Empowerment opportunities for A​LL youth 

All youth—no matter their socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, nor religion—should have empowerment opportunities.
Heirs To Our Oceans provides scholarships so that all youth may thrive in empowerment opportunities like these:

Dive certification training;
Public speaking appearances and advocacy work;
Participation in our annual two-week intensive Summit for Empowerment Action & Leadership (H2OO SEAL);
Attendance at international conferences, workshops, symposiums and engagements focused on ocean and water issues;
Marine ecosystem learning in their own waters.

Youth inspire youth 

In Heirs To Our Oceans, youth teach youth (and adults!) about human impacts on our oceans and waterways, about the importance of bringing all voices to the conservation table, and about how to support vulnerable communities.
All youth together—not just those of the same demographic, skin color, nationality, ethnicity, or spirituality—can engage in shared learning. It’s inspiring and empowering and connecting!
We, as the next generation, can rise up together to become better decision makers for each other and for the health of our planet.



Heir Leadership


Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Charley, California

Dakota, California

Latifah, Uganda

Carlos, Palau

Olilai, Palau

Shay, California

Jens, Kentucky

Freya, Kentucky

Cecilia, Kentucky

Dominion, Nigeria

Catarina, Brazil

Camile, California

Dexter, California

Shanza, California

Lauren, Canada

Deborah, Nigeria

April Peebler
Executive Director, Volunteer 

April has been an advocate for ecological and social justice since she was a young adult. While in Palau in 1997 during law school on an overseas externship working with Senate Legal Counsel, she learned quickly about the atrocities that our oceans face due to human impact as she witnessed first-hand the harms of unsustainable fishing practices by world powers. Read More…

Lidia Morales
Youth Engagement Coordinator and Layout Artist, Volunteer 

Lidia is a design student focused on Product and UX Design. Inspired to make a difference in the world, Lidia aims to one day build platforms that will help elevate the public’s need. Lidia has been exposed to various business roles through her career, which has honed her communication and mentorship skills as she values true team collaboration.  Read More…

Brad Peebler

Technology and Public Speaking Coach, Volunteer 

Brad Peebler worked on products that started the desktop video revolution in the 90s and then started his own company in the early 2000s in the 3D graphics market. Today he directs a special projects group at Apple, Inc.  Read More…

Emily Berglund
Program Coordinator 

Emily graduated from UCSB with a multi-disciplinary background in economics and environmental science in 2017. Thereafter she moved to Australia where she worked as a volunteer for the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales, attending public meetings to represent the council’s interests in stopping the degradation of Kosciusko National Parks water resources and forming and managing grant agreements.  Read More…

Catherine Guinovart
Youth Engagement Coordinator, Volunteer 

Cathy is a science communicator and informal educator native to Key Largo, Florida, and born to Cuban immigrants. She graduated from Florida International University (FIU) with a background in marine science, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in biology at FIU. Her research focuses on environmental education throughout Yucatec Maya communities in Quintana Roo, Mexico.  Read More…

Nousheen Eslambolchi
Nousheen Eslambolchi has more than 20 years of experience in the Tech and Medical Device industries. She recently joined the team at Visby Medical in the fight against Covid-19 and… Read More…

Memory Zonde-Kachambwa
Memory Zonde-Kachambwa is the Executive Director at the African Women’s Development and Communication Network, or FEMNET. Memory is a pan African feminist, gender and women’s rights activist with over 18…
Read More…

April Peebler
April Peebler has been an advocate for ecological and social justice since she was a young adult. While in Palau in 1997 during law school on an overseas externship working…Read More…

Charley Peebler
Charley Peebler is a 16-year old independent learner who is passionate about saving our oceans and waterways. In 2016 she and her sister founded Heirs To Our Oceans (H2OO), a…Read More…

Brad Peebler
Brad Peebler worked on products that started the desktop video revolution in the 90s and then started his own company in the early 2000s in the 3D graphics market. Today…Read More…

Heirs To Our Oceans is Seeking a Full-Time Contractor as Director of Resource Mobilization and Sustainability.

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