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Ages 15 & 16,
H2OO Operation Global Sweep 2021 Organizing Committee Members


Global H2OO Youth Investigate Corporate Plastic Pollution Crimes

Insight from two Heirs To Our Ocean youth leaders who served on the organizing committee for youth-created and youth-led Operation Global Sweep (OGS), a “sweep” of plastic pollution coastal or inland + a global brand audit to determine which corporations are most culpable for profiting off polluting our planet with plastic. The fall OGS was an official satellite activity for the UN Ocean Decade Laboratory “A Clean Ocean”.

Operational Global Sweep 2021 organizing committee meeting.

“Being a part of Heirs To Our Oceans’ (H2OO) Operation Global Sweep (OGS) organizing committee alongside 7 other youth members of H2OO was a learning experience! Never before had either of us participated in organizing an international event in which we would be interacting with people from all the way on the other side of the world.

Not only did it strengthen our knowledge of pollution in Puerto Rico and the other countries from which participants were located, it also strengthened our leadership skills.”

José, Age 15, Puerto Rico

“We spent nearly 2 months organizing the event and reaching out to many organizations from which we were able to learn while working on this mission alongside them.

As leaders, we were able to teach our newly-formed H2OO chapter in Puerto Rico about OGS and the importance of taking such important steps to stop plastic pollution at the source.

We believe that everyone should know about OGS, and we are beyond happy that we were able to contribute to its organizing and planning!”

Catalina, Age 16, Puerto Rico
Operation Global Sweep 2021 youth-made impact infographic.