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Charley Peebler is a co-founder of Heirs To Our Ocean and is especially passionate about environmental activism becoming more accessible to youth around the world. They believe that the voices of those most impacted by the climate and ocean crises must be amplified.

Charley enjoys working in policy advocacy with fellow youth leaders building empowerment skills while they continue their own learning journey in climate justice and solutions to impacted coral ecosystems. Charley believes that H2OO is unique in how it works with youth to support young advocates. They love being a part of the real world change that H2OO and its youth leaders are making.

Charley was featured in a widely broadcasted prime-time Arte Episode highlighting their efforts seeking policy change to create a safer world. In 2022, Charley spoke at a plenary session at the UN Ocean Conference in Portugal asking world leaders to engage youth meaningfully in decision making.