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(she / her)

Raina, in Hamburg, Germany, believes that environmental protection means protecting each other.

She is an advocate for climate justice because she understands that the climate crisis is entwined with the world’s social issues. By acknowledging these intersections and the colonial roots of the climate crisis, Raina wants to contribute to equitable solutions and the protection of our shared Mother Earth.

As a member of H2OO, Raina has learned from and is inspired by fellow youth leaders, shaping her into the young activist she is today. Raina was supported as a Petitioner in the Children vs Climate Crisis case which was before the UN Committee for the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Raina recently completed a 2-month live-in internship at H2OO headquarters, and she engaged in a remote 6-month internship supporting the H2OO-nominated member of the Children’s Advisory Team for Child Rights Connect.

All throughout, the youth-centered, inclusive and holistic approach of H2OO has provided Raina with feelings of empowerment and truly made her experience at H2OO life changing.