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The Ocean

I used to be beautiful.

I used to be happy.

I used be bountiful and willing to give.

But then something changed.

I am no longer beautiful.

My pristine blue waters are suffocating in red.

I am no longer happy.

The life within me is perishing.

I am no longer able to give, 

and yet you keep taking and taking.

I am sick. 

I have a fever and my temperature’s rising. 

The chemicals you use to make your food perfect spread through me like a disease,

Summoning algae to the surface of my waters,

Blocking the sunlight, choke the species that live inside me.

You see it happening – 

Florida, California, Gulf of Mexico, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Lake Erie, Chesapeake Bay.

Do you regret? Would you turn back the time if you could?

Hypoxia strangles me.

Domoic acid poisons me.

I can’t breath in all the toxic algae.