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By April Peebler H2OO Executive Director and Volunteer


H2OO Thanks Progressive Multiplier and Packard’s Resilience Initiative

When Covid hit in March 2020, organizations like Heirs To Our Ocean — young and entering the next phase of their life cycle — were deeply affected. To our surprise, Packard Foundation responded without delay, creating a Resilience Initiative and kindly including Heirs To Our Ocean in its offerings to support operations through consultants and workshops.

What an absolute blessing that Heirs To Our Ocean was offered this opportunity to develop skills to build capacity during this time period.

We took full advantage and have gained invaluable insight through consultation work with Progress Multiplier since 2020. The relationship continues as Heirs To Our Ocean is currently positioning itself for significant growth in the next year.

We give not only a shout-out but a cornucopia of gratitude, to Packard Foundation’s Resilience Initiative and Progressive Multiplier for the quality of support and care that I’ve never experienced before in my professional career.

Thank you.