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Age 14, H2OO Bahia Brazil Chapter Member


Brazil Participates in H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep

In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil our recently formed H2OO chapter participated in H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep where we were able to bring community members together to participate. We also participated, and some helped organize a tree-planting effort where we planted around 40 trees! The location was an area that had been destroyed in the Vale Encantado forest before the fight to protect the area began.

These actions represented us youth “acting locally thinking globally” so that our community actions can have a positive influence around the world even if we may not realize it!

Lastly, the Brazil Youth Advisory Council for the UN Ocean Decade (Brazil YAC for UNOD) is growing stronger and increasing its activity. So far we have organized a National Sweep and Brand Audit across Brazil, participated in diverse panels, aired on our first podcast, and even participated in the Dialogues of Ocean Literacy event in October. At this event we worked on diverse activities related to communicating about the Ocean Decade.

Now the Brazil YAC for UNOD Youth Advisory Council hopes to begin working directly with policy to bring youth voices into this space!

Catarina facilitates a Beach Sweep and Brand Audit in her community of Brazil.
Catarina attends the UN Ocean Decade Dialogues of Ocean Literacy Event in October 2022.