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Age 17, RAISE Initiative 2022–2023 Co-Chair


Equipping Youth as Advocates at Environmental Forum of Marin

Speaking at the 3 Ocean Advocates event at the Environmental Forum of Marin was an amazing opportunity. I was able to share my personal journey with getting involved in ocean protection and how important it is that young people are given a chance to develop the skills that will equip us to advocate for our planet’s health.

I shared my experience with the H2OO RAISE (Regenerative Agriculture and Indigenous Systems for our Environment) initiative. Growing up in a rural and agricultural community, I witnessed firsthand the impacts of the climate crisis and other environmental issues as we experienced wildfires, water contamination, and annual flooding in my hometown.

These impacts renewed my conviction that it is crucial we explore regenerative agriculture as a solution to climate change and water quality issues, empower small farmers to grow regenerative, and ensure equitable access to the food we produce.

Water testing at a local watershed in Pescadero, CA where there is issues with anoxic water and domoic acid.
Shay and Miguel talking to local farmers at Pescadero Farmers Market.