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Age 18, H2OO Palau Youth Leader


H2OO Palau Hosts “Rebirth Our Paradise” for Earth Day 2022

On Earth Day, April 22, 2022, H2OO Palau hosted the “Rebirth Our Paradise” activity in partnership with Melekeok State, Ngardok Nature Reserve, and the Ngiwal State Rangers. The activity, led by 3 H2OO youth leaders — Nikka Ngirkelau, Olilai Chilton and Carlos Manuel — consisted of tree planting, a beach sweep & brand audit, and local food making.

A total of 61 participants attended the event, including 36 high school students and college students and 25 3rd and 6th graders. With this event we aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle by making and serving only local foods such as Tapioca, freshly caught fish, local fruits and coconuts, while also spreading awareness to help protect our beloved planet.

Overall, the activity was a great success, and we thank all the people who worked so hard and helped organize this amazing Earth Day event for the youth of Palau.

H2OO Palau youth leaders prepare trees for planting at “Rebirth our Paradise” Earth Day 2022.
H2OO Palau youth leaders participating in “Rebirth our Paradise” Earth Day 2022 tree planting event.