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Age 20, H2OO Palau UEL Day Organizer


H2OO Palau’s U.E.L. (Underwater Excursion Learning) Day a Success

Olilai Chilton, head of H2OO Palau, organized an opportunity for youth to learn in their beautiful outdoor laboratory! 

H2OO Palau’s UEL Day was a success!  Uel means turtle in the Palauan language, and UEL stands also as an acronym for Underwater Excursion Learning. 

Sixty-four high school and elementary school students in Palau spent a day in Palau’s waters participating in three hands-on learning activities where they were able to explore and observe the unique marine ecosystems. Youth snorkeled at Jellyfish Lake with Coral Reef Research Foundation and helped scientists collect data, they snorkeled at Ulong Channel and visited Biota to learn about sustainable coral and fish farming, and they paddled at Nikko Bay with Palau Paddling learning about the geology and ecology around the bay and assessing the impact of war on the natural environment.

Olilai, Age 20, Palau
Elementary school students learn about corals at H2OO Palau’s UEL Day.