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Age 17, H2OO Youth Leader & Environmental Change-Maker Series Panelist


Seven Heirs From Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and U.S. Lead Panel Discussions on Environmental Change-Makers Series

H2OO youth leaders hosted two sessions in the Environmental Scouts’ Environmental Change-Maker Series which featured great organizations such as The Whale Sanctuary Project, 5 Gyres, Big Life Foundation, and Kids Against Plastic. 

In PART 1, Heirs Latifah and Rita from Uganda and Sarah from the US discussed food insecurity issues faced by their global communities such as food deserts and the unpredictable nature of farming in the changing climate. They discussed the root cause of the issues and what they have decided to do about it! Watch Part 1.

In PART 2, a panel of four Heirs, Dominion from Nigeria, Seth & Dakota from the U.S., and Elly from Kenya, lead discussions on the water crisis and the various forms of pollution that is causing a lack of clean and safe drinking water for communities across the globe. Elly concluded by discussing the need for everyone to be included in the conversation and solutions around water insecurity. Watch Part 2.

“Being a part of opportunities to share what youth here on the frontlines of the climate crisis are living with every day with regards to lack of access to clean water has been really meaningful as now more people can understand that action must be taken now. It is a life and death matter for many of us, which we shared in our panel. Access to clean water is a human right but to date not enough action is happening to prevent water contamination and increase water access. I am grateful to H2OO for sharing the opportunity and supporting us panelists with presentation skills to effectively mobilize communities to action.”

Elly, Age 17, Kenya
Elly, Dakota, Dominion and Seth present on Environmental Changemakers Series panel.