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With the climate crisis came unpredictable weather, hunger and forced-child marriages in Uganda and beyond, but the youth leaders in the H2OO Kampala Uganda chapter found a solution and are forging a path forward!

“Uganda’s economy is made up largely of agriculture which is now stressed due to industrial and technological changes as well as human impacts and behaviors that have exacerbated the climate crisis. This has had major consequences in communities around Uganda as it has affected livelihoods, caused social disruption, deprivation, and hunger as a result of increased food insecurity. We meet as a chapter to help solve these challenges. We believe these challenges require solutions that improve lives and health while protecting the environment to mitigate the harmful impacts of climate change.”

Sumaeya, Age 22, H2OO Uganda Chapter Member

“A solution we have been working on for the past year is called Climate Smart Urban Farming (CSUF). The project aims to empower people, especially girls, in urban settings to learn how to grow food using discarded plastics found littering our communities. The outbreak of the pandemic may have led to the closures of institutions worldwide, but our mouths remained open needing food for our survival, and our minds remain open to solutions for adaptation and change.”

Latifah, Age 18, H2OO Uganda Chapter Member
H2OO chapter member speaks about COVID and resulting food insecurity faced in Uganda.
H2OO Uganda Chapter member Rita, films for SEAL 2020.

I believe engagement in youth leadership summits, especially virtual ones, is crucial to developing close-knit connections with other like-minded, passionate youth. This summer, I, along with fellow youth of Heirs To Our Ocean (H2OO) — Charley (California), Lois (Guam), and Carlos (Palau) — spoke at the Taiwan International Ocean Youth Leadership Camp. Although the deadlines to submit recordings were tight, my team managed to pull through, effectively rehearsing our parts in a short period of time.

During our recorded presentation, it was clear that many attendees were interested in H2OO’s work, values, and accomplishments, as they raised many questions for us to answer. I was glad to meet more Taiwanese youth who had competent knowledge in how organizations work and was excited to imagine them applying this to future endeavors for our futures.

One of the Taiwanese youth joined Heirs to Our Ocean, and we both partook in the organizing committee for H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep!

I can proudly say that H2OO’s values reflected positively onto the attendees, and I hope that we can continue to uphold these principles of empathetic leadership instilled in youth-led initiatives while working toward better policy through our advocacy efforts!

Kalina and other Heirs present at the Taiwan International Ocean Youth Leadership Camp.