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The Heirs To Our Ocean community is unique in many ways. What stands out most to me is that the organization understands that, in order to take on big and intersectional challenges, like harm to humans due to the climate crisis and corporate and government corruption, we need each other.

Since Heirs began in 2016, it has provided both hope and a home — a place of being for hundreds of youth leaders around the world seeking connection in a time where disconnection from each other and our natural world is the new standard.

H2OO provides a space where young people can voice their concerns about the present and future knowing the adults in the community will not only hear them, but will amplify their voices, provide them with opportunities to connect and learn, and fund their actions that, without a doubt, are making the world they are inheriting a healthier and safer place for all lifeI am 27 years old, and the mission and vision of H2OO is incredibly important to me too.

The opportunities and impact H2OO made this year could not have been done without each and every member of our community. As this year comes to an end, I invite you to take one more important step before 2021 officially comes to a close to build our collective power to support the transformational change, bold actions, and healing H2OO’s youth leaders seek. Consider supporting in any way you can, whether it is sharing this movement with friends and family helping us build our network of supporters, volunteering your time and expertise, and/or by making a tax-deductible gift to H2OO.

We have power in our voices, both young and old, because we have made the hardest choice of all when faced with a global crisis stemming from widespread disconnection: we chose to come together around shared values to work for a better future, a future where we’ve slowed the pace of climate change and can grow and learn safely amongst the wonders of nature, as those before us did.

Thank you to all of you who continue to join us in making the Heirs’ transformational vision a reality!

Emily tries slacklining at SEAL 2021.

In 2021, Heirs to Our Ocean (H2OO) Palau established its own non-profit organization — H2OO Palau NGO! Despite all the challenges we faced with Covid-19 we managed to create this hub to use the vision and mission of H2OO to share it with our community incorporating Palau’s cultures and ways. We intend to be part of the collective of organizations that bring awareness and knowledge about our environment and the world to our community.

Most especially we want to bring empowerment and passion to the youth of Palau, as they will be the next generation of environmental leaders who can lead with empathy and take action that will change both today and impact our futures positively.

Starting off as a non-profit organization isn’t easy.

We are taking one step at a time to work towards strengthening the network, knowledge, and opportunities Palau can give to her people.

We look forward to 2022!