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Our RAISE initiative released a research-backed paper ‘Regeneration for the Next Generation‘ this fall and developed their 2022–2023 strategic plan informed and guided by experts.

A year ago, core RAISE members in the U.S. realized two things:

(1) We must do something now considering our governmental leaders are not and our future depends upon a change in systemic practices including industrialized agriculture; and

(2) Before we launch into action, we have learning to do.

For the last year, we have researched, interviewed, conversed, watched, attended workshops, processed, evaluated, analyzed, dug into the Earth with our hands. And we wrote. We wrote a research and advocacy paper, “Regeneration for the Next Generation”, as a first step to launch a movement and seek policy change that protects the Blue Planet we youth are inheriting.

Why are we looking at changing how we grow crops as a committed initiative? Because removing harmful agricultural practices will mitigate the climate crisis, clean our water, protect our coastal ocean ecosystems, create food security, and protect people from the many ways in which industrialized agriculture methods harm us and our future. Please read our paper ‘Regeneration for the Next Generation‘ to learn more.”

Dakota, Age 15, RAISE Initiative Co-Chair 2022-2022

“The RAISE team — Regenerative Agriculture and Indigenous Systems for our Environment — gathered for a strategic planning retreat in October 2021 where we met each other for the first time and bonded in person and in purpose.

During the 2.5 day retreat, we honed in on what actions we wanted to take, developed SMART goals and objectives, and by the end of the 2.5 days we had a plan for the remainder of 2021 through 2023! Thereafter we created a timeline and have set action items. We have four main goals focused on: (1) Connect and work with California farmers to support a shift toward indigenous crop-growing practices/regenerative agriculture, (2) Expand and diversify the youth RAISE team, (3) Create a diverse advisory board of experts, and (4) policy advocacy. Prior to attending the goal-setting retreat, we attended workshops in campaign design and decolonizing agriculture.

Our sleeves are well rolled up! Just this week, December 16, 2021, we presented a poster at the AGU Conference. Learn about RAISE by watching the 17-minute long video below featuring two of our team members! And, stay tuned for more, as our abstract was accepted for the virtual Ocean Sciences AGU meeting in February 2022!”

By Brigette, Co-Chair RAISE Fall 2021–2022, California USA
RAISE Initiative presents at AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2022.