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Executive Director & Program Director

In 2016, after having left her law practice to ensure her children received a meaningful education wherein real-world problems were addressed, April supported her children in starting Heirs To Our Ocean (H2OO) along with 11 other tweens who were concerned about what they are inheriting.

April stepped into the volunteer roles of both Executive Director and Program Director and applied the project-based interdisciplinary, real-world-theme focused learning model she had developed in 2010 to H2OO’s programming. April has worked tirelessly to ensure all H2OO programs have an empathetic leadership foundation, are holistic and comprehensive, connect youth across barriers, and serve youth who are most vulnerably situated and traditionally marginalized.

April believes that the survivability of humanity is dependent upon education — all youth should have an opportunity to understand the value of intact life sources on our planet and human impacts on those life sources today, as well as opportunities to develop essential empowering skills to effectively advocate for themselves and others and solve problems together.