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Program Intern, May-Aug 2024

Cambria has been with H2OO since the beginning, when she was 12 years old, furthering the mission and cultivating H2OO into what it is today.

Having grown up in a small town on the Northern California coast, Cambria developed a profound love for, and connection to, nature. Seeing the impacts of single-use plastics on ecosystems and communities globally, Cambria’s advocacy work focused on researching plastic pollution and raising awareness through award-winning artivism, both visual art and film, as well as speaking at events around the world.

She is committed to fostering a community of global youth who are connected to our shared natural environment and each other and who have access to the development of skills to advocate for justice for themselves and their communities.

Now a student at Whitman College, Cambria prioritizes climate action on campus and continues to raise awareness regarding the reliance the single-use plastics industry has on fossil fuels.