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Catarina, in Brazil, is a 15-year-old competitive surfer and a social-environmental and climate activist.

Since a little girl, Catarina played in forests, mangroves and the ocean learning from her parents how important the environment is and how we should take care of the life in it. Catarina believes that we can work together to solve the crises we are living in, including the oil spills on the waves she surfs and the plastic pollution across her state.

Catarina’s experiences through Heirs To Our Ocean, including being a Petitioner in Children vs. Climate Crisis, changed her life. Learning more deeply about empathetic leadership, being empowered as a youth with her voice heard internationally, and working with youth around the world inspired her even more.

Connecting with youth from different cultures and backgrounds, who also have an interest in solving the crises we face, complemented Catarina’s life as a change-maker. She hopes that she has inspired others as well.