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Jeremiah Cutright is an environmental activist, focused on using clean energy for global development. His work with H2OO has been multifaceted and inspiring; including his involvement in SEAL 2021, RAISE, the U.S. YAC UNOD, and now as an intern. Prior to becoming interested in activism and policy, Jeremiah spent time in engineering.

Outside of volunteering, Jeremiah spends most of his time engaging in other activist activities or studying. A prolific reader, in 2022 he published his first book, The Energy Predicamentwhich elucidates many common misconceptions around energy. He continues to elaborate on these subjects in his Substack op-eds, and other publications.  

Jeremiah is currently finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. At Pitt, he engages with the community through student organizations dedicated to promoting civil dialogue and combating political polarization. He looks forward to a career in energy and technology policy once completed with his education.