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Latifah, from Kampala, Uganda, has been an active member of H2OO since 2020. Her passion is advocacy, both environmental and human rights, as she understands profoundly that they are connected. Latifah has experienced first-hand the realities of the devastating intersection of the climate humanitarian crises, especially as a girl.

She developed Climate Smart Urban Farming to grow food to avoid the fate of forced child marriage at just 13 years old. Latifah advocates for education and information platforms to amplify voices, resources, empowerment opportunities, safety and support for all, especially for marginalized communities. She wants to bridge the gap between the suffering of such marginalized communities and lawmakers, as those who make law have the power to help.

More so, Latifah wants to end gender-based violence against girls. Latifah speaks publicly to share her story, and she inspires others to work toward a better world.