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Litokne, from the Marshall Islands, a low-lying island nation in the middle of the Pacific, committed himself as a youth activist with H2OO in 2019.

Litokne was one of the 16 youth Petitioners in Children vs Climate Crisis wherein he shared his story about how the climate crisis has impacted the very survival of his island home. With only 7 feet above sea level, Marshall Islands lies on the very frontline of the climate crisis, and Litokne’s experiences have urged him to make sure his voice is heard globally.

Litokne believes the younger generation deserves a sustainable planet and should not be forced to leave their home and culture. Litokne’s island home is his identity, and he feels that no corporate actions nor government policies should take that away from him. Litokne takes action with H2OO because he believes that the next generation deserves a healthy and happy future too.