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Michael Potter is driven by two things in life; the beauty of nature and the power of film. Those drives have led him to travel all around the world, filming for such productions as National Geographic, PBS, Netflix, and many more.

Mike fortunately crossed paths with Heirs to Our Ocean in 2017, before the very first SEAL program, which left a profound impact on Mike. He found a group that had a creative yet logical solution to some of our worlds most challenging environmental, political, and social issues- Educating the next generation; creating empathetic leaders and change-makers. Mike has subsequently been apart of every SEAL program (except one) acting as not only a documentary filmmaker but as a Counselor and Wilderness First Responder.

Mike feels fortunate to have had many impactful mentors to help him on his life’s journey. He hopes to bring that same optimistic, patient, and inclusive energy to any role he participates in life and is very excited to be back with Heirs to Our Ocean for SEAL 2024!