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Chair of the Board

Nathalie Udo has a passion for raising corporate and individual social consciousness and igniting positive change. That passion drives her consultancy, InDepth Strategies, which focuses on achieving transformational change through executive coaching, program management, cross-cultural communication, and leadership development. Her wide-ranging experience, which spans industries and continents, informs her insights into the impact and importance of values, communication, and sustainability. 

Nathalie is coauthor of Organizational Survival: Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future (McGraw-Hill, 2013). She has a master’s degree in economics and business administration from Maastricht University, Netherlands, and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC®). 

Organizations that want to translate a business strategy into execution or implement process improvement that generates meaningful results will benefit from Nathalie’s expertise. She focuses on providing the right mixture of executive coaching, project management, cross-cultural communication, and leadership for each organization. She takes strong ownership and accountability for deliverables and drives positive results, helping teams achieve goals they thought were impossible. This singular dedication has won high praise from previous clients.

Nathalie has been an avid scuba diver for almost three decades and has seen the negative changes in our ocean firsthand, all over the world. She firmly believes that by working together and educating all generations we can keep our ocean and planet remain vibrant, resilient, and teeming with life for generations to come.

For Nathalie’s professional credentials and publications see her LinkedIn profile.