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Shiv Goel is a youth activist with a focus on ocean conservation and sustainable fashion. Shiv has been a member of Heirs To Our Ocean since 2021. He most recently served as a support staff member for the Policy Committee for the 3rd Cohort of the U.S. Youth Advisory Council for the UN Ocean Decade (U.S. YAC UNOD). 

Shiv began his ocean conservation journey when he joined the U.S. YAC UNOD as the Co-Chair of the 2nd Cohort. In this role, Shiv represented the U.S. YAC UNOD at a variety of events including a workshop at the NMEA 2022 Conference, an Ocean Decade panel at the American Geophysical Union’s 2022 meeting, and more. In prior roles, he has additionally spoken extensively about the importance of sustainability and justice in production.

Shiv is now a student at Cornell University where he is involved with various social impact initiatives on campus. In his free time, Shiv enjoys hiking through local gorges, going white water rafting, and enjoying nature whenever possible.