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Age 15, SEAL 2020 Participant


SEAL 2020 introduced me to a team of like-minded youth and to the tools necessary for creating a successful and meaningful film – which was a main goal of the workshop. My team included Serena, Cambria, and Mercy as well as my team mentors Diamond and Chloe.

As a team, we decided to address a system that impacts us all enormously – the education system, with a specific focus on where the education system falls short: educating us about the health of our planet.

As we storyboarded our film, we discussed both the lack of quality education for youth and how misinformation perpetuates. As Heirs we offered a solution which focused on project-based learning as an antidote to misinformation. My team members created their own film clips and I enjoyed bringing it all together as “master editor” to create our film which we titled “Youth Misinformed”. H2OO submits films made by youth at its Summit to film fests, and so far our film has won 3 awards. Here it is! []

Abi and her team’s collaborative short-film they created at SEAL 2020.