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Age 21, SEAL 2021 Participant


For me, SEAL 2021 is not just a gathering of youth discussing an issue to find a solution.

SEAL is a place for youth to come together through compromise and empathy. During two intensive weeks with 22 other participants, I learned to respect myself, people with very different backgrounds, and the gift of the natural world around me.

This is all thanks to the unique activities that were planned, the great people we met, and the space that was created for fruitful discussions to take place.

Another benefit was felt after I returned from SEAL 2021 where I became more confident in my abilities at a young age. I became more brave in expressing my ideas and thoughts in front of others, especially those older than me. In addition, I also became more excited to take leadership in youth actions that result in social change and a healthier environment such as H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep which is a campaign I helped lead this past November.

Bastian at Laupahoehoe for sunrise ceremony with Indigenous elders at SEAL 2021.