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Age 16, H2OO Intern 2022


Heirs To Our Ocean’s primary focus has always been to empower youth with skill-building, education, and connection opportunities. This ensures that the next generation of environmental leaders are prepared to take on the challenges that we are and will be facing in the future.

As a 17-year-old girl who finds the climate and humanitarian crises to be overwhelming and scary, I believe that providing youth with outlets to become empathetic leaders and truly have their voices amplified is crucial. Being in a leadership position within Heirs To Our Ocean has completely changed my life and perspective on the world. I have developed skills in public speaking, empathetic leadership, policy advocacy, critical thinking, effective communication, coordination and organization, writing and editing, and overall team-building. These are skills I would not have developed in the public school system.

Heirs To Our Ocean provides a way for youth to develop these skills through a real-world, passion-based application, making it much more impactful. I believe that this concept of education should be applied in the public school system so that youth can truly be prepared for the future they inherit.

Dakota meets with Congresswoman Jackie Spier’s office.