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Age 24, H2O21 Water Summit Participant


At the H2O21 Water Summit, I was grateful to have met youth and experts from many different countries such as France, India, Palau, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, Canada, Brazil, and more, all with unique cultures and experiences.

I was very inspired to be given the opportunity to connect with other youth, share our cultures and experiences so that we can better understand one another, and find sustainable solutions together to the issues that we are facing. I learned through this experience about how important and sacred water is in my own country and others, especially in supporting all life.

East Nusa Tenggara is one of the driest areas and faces scarcity in water supply, especially during the dry season. In some villages availability of water per capita is far below the minimum annual water supply requirement which is caused by climate change.

Irham shares a water source in his community at H2O21 Water Summit.