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Age 23, Youth Summit UN Ocean Decade 2020 Participant


Heirs To Our Ocean UN Ocean Decade Youth Summit allowed me to network and hear from people around the world about issues they face in their countries and communities. It opened my eyes entirely! I learned so many valuable lessons from my youth peers and H2OO and hope to continue to better educate myself and make positive change this decade for not only my community but also for the youth I connected with at the summit who are facing so much more hardship in their communities and lives than I am. It really opened my eyes to hear from youth all over the world who have suffered at the hands of poverty, hunger, and access to clean water.

While I still think the problems I stated before the summit are important, I now understand there are definitely many other issues that take precedence. I also really enjoyed learning about the interconnectedness of environmental and social issues.

Presentation at H2OO’s Youth Summit for the UN Ocean Decade 2020.