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Dear Water

Dear Water,


Why are you so dangerous?

Why do you destroy things?

You have helped so many world disasters and to be honest with you I feared you.

I feared what you could do and what you still can do.

You do not conform to the worlds ways and you have stayed wild.

Untamed but unfortunately polluted.

You used to scream at me to listen to you but your waves petrified me too much for me to listen.

I blame myself for my ignorance I blame myself for not listening.

I should have listened.

We all should have listened.

I would call you a work of art but no one could be able to fit your beauty into one frame.

You have been my safe haven and you have been my comfort.

So, water I apologize.

I apologize for not caring when I should have.

I apologize for not listening but I hear you finally and I now understand.

I now vow to repay you for helping me by helping you.

Dear water I love you.