This is what we want to see in the world and how we are working to make that dream a reality.



All youth will be educated and empowered as leaders who turn the tide of the ocean and water crisis together, connected in protecting our Blue Planet.


Inspire a long-term investment in our youth through education, empowerment, and connection opportunities.

The approach to conservation over the last 50 years has allowed our natural environment to continue deteriorating. We need to invest in our youth and make a change for and with the next generation.

We must learn to value our natural resources beyond for mere profit.

We must be given the opportunity to learn about the problems we will inherit.

We must develop empathetic leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills. This is where we devote our time, energy, and resources, for all youth.


Real-world, action-based education for ALL youth


Heirs To Our Oceans strives to educate all youth, and adults alike, about how our actions affect our oceans and waterways.

We show the connections between human health and the health of our natural environment. For example, we connect the dots by explaining that plastic is made from petroleum, so plastics not only cause plastic pollution but also contribute to climate change.

We believe all youth—not just a small, privileged percentage—should have the opportunity to learn about our planet’s natural environment, in our natural environment, and to develop critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Water literacy should be a right starting with elementary school and continuing in the curriculum of every middle school and high school.

Develop a generation of empathetic leaders

We take leadership development seriously.

The world we will inherit needs leaders who value more than status and profit.

In developing empathetic leadership skills, we hold workshops in how to build healthy relationships, interpersonal skill development, and nonviolent communication.

Empowerment opportunities for ALL youth

All youth—no matter their socio-economic status, race, ethnicity, nor religion—should have empowerment opportunities.

Heirs To Our Oceans provides scholarships so that all youth may thrive in empowerment opportunities like these:

  • Dive certification training;
  • Public speaking appearances and advocacy work;
  • Participation in our annual two-week intensive Summit for Empowerment Action & Leadership (H2OO SEAL);
  • Attendance at international conferences, workshops, symposiums and engagements focused on ocean and water issues;
  • Marine ecosystem learning in their own waters.

Youth inspire youth

In Heirs To Our Oceans, youth teach youth (and adults!) about human impacts on our oceans and waterways, about the importance of bringing all voices to the conservation table, and about how to support vulnerable communities.

All youth together—not just those of the same demographic, skin color, nationality, ethnicity, or spirituality—can engage in shared learning. It’s inspiring and empowering and connecting!

We, as the next generation, can rise up together to become better decision makers for each other and for the health of our planet.


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