Walking the Talk: Truth Behind Institutions Claiming to Help Girls Within Sub-Saharan Africa
LATIFAH | Uganda | Oct 11, 2022
Four years ago today — International Day of the Girl Child, October 11, 2018 — is what comes to mind for me as I prepare to share my story. As a now 19-year-old young woman, who has seen a lot and lived through prior and current stages of the movement to improve safety, equality, and inclusion […]
Raina Ivanova, H2OO Global Youth Leader and Intern, Speaks at the 54th Session of Human Rights Council
RAINA | Germany | Sep 20, 2023
Raina Ivanova, 19 year old Youth Leader and Intern of H2OO, and one of 16 Petitioners in the Children vs. Climate Crisis Petition (10 of which were identified and supported by H2OO), was a guest speaker September 20, 2023, at a side-event on Children and Climate Change at the 54th session of the Human Rights Council. The event was co-organized by […]
Plastic is Not Fantastic
CAMBRIA | California, US | Aug 3, 2021
Climate change is one of the most significant issues we are facing today. Plastic, a material that fills our daily lives, is contributing to this crisis. Many people are aware of the numerous negative ways in which plastic is impacting our oceans. But plastics have another hidden threat: climate change. In this way, plastics are […]
Pushing for Solutions to Non-Point Source Pollution
AISLINN | California, US | Dec 15, 2019
The H2OO RAISE Initiative has been very busy this year making big splashes with policy! In February, we spoke with Emily Woodward…
Seven Heirs From Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and U.S. Lead Panel Discussions on Environmental Change-Makers Series
ELLY | Kenya | Aug 11, 2020
A panel of four Heirs: Dominion from Nigeria, Seth & Dakota from the U.S. and Elly from Kenya…
H2OO Palau’s U.E.L. (Underwater Excursion Learning) Day a Success
OLILAI | Palau | Dec 9, 2020
Olilai Chilton, head of H2OO Palau, organized an opportunity for youth to learn in their beautiful outdoor laboratory! H2OO Palau’s UEL Day was a success! UEL means turtle in the Palauan language, and UEL stands also as an acronym for Underwater Excursion Learning. Sixty-four high school and elementary school students…
Oxford Students Help Inspire Berkeley’s New Disposable Foodware Limits
EMMETT | California, US | Dec 5, 2020
Despite the challenges of 2020, the Berkeley Heirs have accomplished a lot! January 1, 2020 marked the start of the Disposable Free Dining Ordinance in Berkeley. We helped pass this groundbreaking law by collecting signatures and speaking at press conferences and city council meetings beginning in 2018. The all …
Heirs From New Zealand & California Meet In Patagonia, Argentina To Learn From Orca Researchers
RAKAUNUI, MIGUEL & BAYLEE | | Dec 17, 2019
Heirs To Our Oceans youth were invited to participate in a week-long research excursion to work with Dr. Ingrid Visser, Dr. Joe Gaydos, and Dr. Marcella Uhart. “I felt honoured to be offered the opportunity to go to Valdes Peninsula in Patagonia, Argentina, and to represent Heirs To Our Oceans (H2OO) there. This was my […]
H2OO RAISE Initiative Takes Bold Action Toward “Regeneration for the Next Generation”
DAKOTA | California, US | Dec 17, 2021
“Our RAISE initiative released a research-backed paper ‘Regeneration for the Next Generation‘ this fall and developed their 2022–2023 strategic plan informed and guided by experts. A year ago, core RAISE members in the U.S. realized two things: (1) We must do something now considering our governmental leaders are not and our future depends upon a change in systemic practices […]
In Kampala Uganda H2OO Youth Address Food Insecurity, Forced Child Marriages and the Climate Crisis
LATIFAH & RITA | Uganda | Dec 17, 2021
With the climate crisis came unpredictable weather, hunger and forced-child marriages in Uganda and beyond, but the youth leaders in the H2OO Kampala Uganda chapter found a solution and are forging a path forward! “Uganda’s economy is made up largely of agriculture which is now stressed due to industrial and technological changes as well as […]
Kentucky H2OO Youth Leaders Help Pass Joint Resolution to Tackle E-Waste Polluting Waterways!
FREYA | Kentucky, US | Dec 17, 2021
The Kentucky Heirs had an impactful 2021 year working on and helping pass KY HJR11, organizing several local creek sweeps, setting up E-waste drives at local schools and throughout the community, and speaking and presenting at multiple public events and meetings to raise awareness about the dangers of e-scrap in landfills. We have fostered our […]
Lagos Nigeria H2OO Youth Leaders Work to Eliminate Plastic Pollution and More in 2021
DEBORAH & DOMINION | Nigeria | Dec 17, 2021
Youth leaders from the Lagos Nigeria Chapter had an eventful year participating in skill-building opportunities and brand audit campaigns working to hold top polluters accountable for their waste. By Deborah & Dominion, H2OO Youth Leaders, Nigeria Heirs from Lagos Nigeria kicked off 2021 by attending the H2O21 Water Summit that took place over four Saturdays […]
H2OO Established as Non-Profit Organization in Palau!
OLILAI | Palau | Dec 17, 2021
In 2021, Heirs to Our Ocean (H2OO) Palau established its own non-profit organization — H2OO Palau NGO! Despite all the challenges we faced with Covid-19 we managed to create this hub to use the vision and mission of H2OO to share it with our community incorporating Palau’s cultures and ways. We intend to be part […]
H2OO Global Youth Leaders Speak at Taiwan Ocean Youth Leadership Camp
KALINA | Taiwan | Dec 17, 2021
I believe engagement in youth leadership summits, especially virtual ones, is crucial to developing close-knit connections with other like-minded, passionate youth. This summer, I, along with fellow youth of Heirs To Our Ocean (H2OO) — Charley (California), Lois (Guam), and Carlos (Palau) — spoke at the Taiwan International Ocean Youth Leadership Camp. Although the deadlines […]
UN Ocean Decade “A Brave New Ocean” Includes H2OO Youth’s Powerful Words
CATARINA | Brazil | Dec 18, 2021
I am Catarina Lorenzo, 14 years old and from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. I am a surfer, climate activist, and an Heir of Heirs To Our Ocean (H2OO). On June 8, 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to speak at the United Nations World Ocean Day event! Heir Kalina from Taiwan and I were the two […]
Global H2OO Youth Investigate Corporate Plastic Pollution Crimes
CATALINA & JOSÉ | Puerto Rico | Nov 5, 2021
Insight from two Heirs To Our Ocean youth leaders who served on the organizing committee for youth-created and youth-led Operation…
H2OO Palau Hosts “Rebirth Our Paradise” for Earth Day 2022
CARLOS | Palau | Apr 30, 2022
On Earth Day, April 22, 2022, H2OO Palau hosted the “Rebirth Our Paradise” activity in partnership with Melekeok State, Ngardok Nature Reserve, and the Ngiwal State Rangers. The activity, led by 3 H2OO youth leaders — Nikka Ngirkelau, Olilai Chilton and Carlos Manuel — consisted of tree planting, a beach sweep & brand audit, and […]
Unearthing Intersectional Learning With the RAISE Initiative
DAKOTA, SHAY & BRIGETTE | California, US | Oct 31, 2022
“Hello, my name is Dakota Peebler, and I’m an H2OO Co-Founder and former Co-Chair of the Regenerative Agriculture and Indigenous Systems for our Environment (RAISE) Initiative. This is a youth-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness and educating about the benefits of learning from traditional ways and Indigenous systems in growing food to move away from […]
3rd Cohort Chairs of the U.S. Youth Advisory Council for UN Ocean Decade Share Why They Joined!
ZOË & HAMID | California, US | Nov 2, 2022
“I’m so excited to contribute my experience to this group of staggeringly incredible people. From my work in environmental policy to on-the-ground action, I see similarly ignited faces in the people I work with. The past Cohorts have made great strides, and I am ready to draw from their experience and prioritize the intertwining of […]
H2OO Co-Founders Make Waves at the UN Ocean Conference 2022
DAKOTA & CHARLEY | California, US | Jun 25, 2022
“In June of this year, I along with my sibling and co-founder of Heirs To Our Ocean went to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend and speak at the UN Ocean Conference. However, what I discovered as we registered for this event was that, because I was not 18 or older, I could not get into the […]
The Protection of Children Shouldn’t Be a Political Debate
RAINA | Germany | Nov 20, 2022
World Children’s Day is a day of celebration for the United Nations, as it marks the annual anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. While adults come together to cherish the accomplishments of child rights, there is no reason for me to celebrate because the rights of children are being violated while […]
Equipping Youth as Advocates at Environmental Forum of Marin
SHAY | California, US | Nov 14, 2022
Speaking at the 3 Ocean Advocates event at the Environmental Forum of Marin was an amazing opportunity. I was able to share my personal journey with getting involved in ocean protection and how important it is that young people are given a chance to develop the skills that will equip us to advocate for our […]
Berkeley H2OO Youth Speak Out: Center for Environmental Health
SHANZA | California, US | Nov 14, 2022
Today is National Recycling Day, but contrary to popular belief, recycling is not the solution to plastic pollution! Most plastics we use cannot be recycled. Even recycled plastic cannot be reprocessed infinitely, which means the plastic will end up in landfill eventually. Greenwashing, which makes a non-solution like recycling seem good for the environment, is […]
Inspiring Next Gen Advocates at 2022 Reef Futures Conference
CATARINA | Brazil | Sep 10, 2022
On the 25th of September, together with 3 other youths from around the world, I had the opportunity to speak on the Reef Futures panel hosted by International Coral Reef Initiative. There we shared our different experiences of climate change and what led us to become climate activists. For me, participating was very special as […]
Plastic Brand Audit & Sweep for International Coastal Cleanup Day 2022
SHANZA | California, US | Nov 14, 2022
International Coastal Cleanup Day is one of the world’s largest annual preservation and protection volunteer events for our ocean’s coasts. But did you know that the plastic crisis can’t be “cleaned up”? Unfortunately, plastic does not biodegrade but instead breaks down into very small pieces which are carried with water, currents, and winds throughout the […]
Speaking Up for Girls at Mutually Assured Survival Priorities for Climate Action Panel
LATIFAH | Uganda | Nov 15, 2022
Forced child marriage is NOT a solution to the climate crisis. To call attention to this, I spoke at the UN Association’s Mutually Assured Survival Climate Action panel that took place in October. As a participant, my goal was to spread awareness about the harmful, intersectional impacts of climate change on children, women, girls, and […]
Youth Artivism at Global Nomads World Needs Clean Oceans Virtual Event
DAKOTA | California, US | Nov 25, 2022
Artistic outlets are a great way to create real-world change! They allow me to use something Artistic outlets are a great way to create real-world change! They allow me to use something I love, dance, as a way to spread…
New Youth Members of H2OO Board of Directors!
CHARLEY & LATIFAH | | Nov 21, 2022
While the youth of H2OO have always had an advisory role to the Board of Directors, two of H2OO’s youth leaders — an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old — are official H2OO Directors! “As Heirs To Our Ocean looks forward to the new year and a new age, I am proud to step into the role […]
The Solution to the Climate Crisis is Right Under Our Feet
DAKOTA | California, US | Dec 7, 2022
This week World Soil Day was recognized, but as you read these words, all living beings are suffering environmental catastrophes that out-scale any we have seen in human history. We must seize the opportunity to step away from the precipice of irreversible damage. The release of tremendous quantities of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) into the atmosphere […]
Brazil Participates in H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep
CATARINA | Brazil | Nov 16, 2022
In Salvador, Bahia, Brazil our recently formed H2OO chapter participated in H2OO’s Operation Global Sweep…
Youth participant holds plastic bottle with marine life attached found during brand audit and sweep at SEAL 2018 in Palau.


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